Sunday, 11 September 2016

What Is Your Favourite Sunday Shoe Love?

Hiya my Lovelies.....

Howz ya'll doing? Hope you getting set for church today? and for those of us that might be feeling discouraged to go, pls try and summon up strength and joy in your heart to go cos you don't know what blessings awaits you....sounding like a preacher huh? *winkz*

You must not appear before the presense of God looking shabby and un kempt and that my sweeties include your doesn't have to be totally 100% perfect, but it should be close to aii... Looking good they say is good business.... 
Chai my birthday is three days close...

Have a blessed Sunday.


What shoe is your favourite sunday shoe be it a one nation shoe or a particular style.....we shall meet in the comment section.

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