Thursday, 1 September 2016

Rita Ora rocks the Trending Marc Jacobs “Lili” platform pumps in black.

Mbok what on God's green earth is Rita Ora wearing....chai deceny is gone.. mstweeh but anyways our focus is on her shoes. She wore this racy Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 look to the MTV VMA and finished up with a Marc Jacobs “Lili” platform pumps in black.

Check out Lady Gaga in same shoe style Here. Shoes like this are not for the faint of heart cos you need to be able to balance your body and your feet...maybe we should ask Denrele Edun.

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This shoe can be gotten for $1,745


GlassesShop said...

It's a great post you have done.

BagsnBags said...

Lady Gaga z 😴😴😴. Denrele z 😳🙄👀. Lady Gaga times Denrele divided by Edun=Rita Ora raise to power😜