Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sponsored: My Wishlist From CNDIRECT.COM.

Hiya my Lovelies..

Like you all know, this month is my birthday month and am so loking forward to the goodies that will be attached to that day and in my true nature, i will share with us one or two shoes i will love to get as a birthday gift...wishes do come true*fingerscrossed*

I recently got introduced to which is an Asian based online departmental store and instantly i went to their shoe section to check out what they had and i was totally blown away with what they had to offer.

Not only are their shoes beautiful, they are also very affordable even in this Buhari Times..lolz... So as i was scouting, i instantly fell for this Black New Fashion Sexy Women Plus Size Big Bow Pointed High Stilettos Shoes and i didn't hesistate to add it to my wishlist...

What attracted me first to the shoe was the heel height cos am a sucker for high heels and after the heels, the pointed low toe vamp got me hooked ..... mehnn mere looking at the shoe, is giving me serious vibes on how amma wear it.... Am not really a fan of wearing fashion items that are in voque and by that i mean a product that have flooded the market but if i eventually put my mind into it and it involves me have dreams about it, my dearies, i tell you that i will have to buy it if not my mind won't be at rest.

So i wish to have this CNDIRECT shoe as one of my birthday gift and when i do, amma share the details with ya'll.. I will have to stop here cos mehnn my wishlist from this site is plenty ooo... i just saw one flat shoe with clear PVC sides... *screaming i want*

 But if you looking for what to get for me, don't stress your pretty head, just go through my birthday wishlist so you can pick from *straightface*

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Immaculate said...

Hahhahahahaaa glow you are funny. The shoe is lovely. Hbd in advance. Age with grace