Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Britney Spears Practically Forced Her foot into Her Christian Loubout So kate Pumps.

This was Britney Spear's look to the just conclude MTV VMA 2016. I think her look was not too woow yh but she looked quite good but her dress is not the focus now rather her shoe is.

She rocked a Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps but mehnn it looked quite uncomfortable and painful. chai just imagine how tight the pumps looks on her feet.... I know that looking good is good business but at the same time, we need to be careful about inconviening our feet cos they've got feelings too.

Here are some pointers for wearing shoes with low toe vamp.

According to About style, They define VAMP as the front and center part of a shoe's upper that covers the top of the foot. The style of the vamp depends on the style of the shoe. In some shoes the vamp covers the entire surface of the foot from the toes to the ankle where straps or laces would be, while in other styles, like the stiletto, it covers the toes and exposes the entire top of the foot.

Not to be confused with the upper, the vamp helps to support the foot and keeps the foot secure in the shoe. It's often made out of a breathable fabric, like mesh, or features perforations to allow air flow.

With this definition,

*Not all styles of shoes fit every shape of feet so before getting a shoe, look at the toe area of the shoe to determine if the toe cover is low or high and by that i mean e.g go back and take a look at Britney's shoe, you can all notice her toes are practically almost spilling out of the shoe why? because the shoe toe cover is low...that low style is designed,crafted or shaped not to cover the entire toe area that's why it's called a low toe vamp and if it's a high toe vamp, the toe cover will cover the whole toe...
Checking the High or low vamp of the shoe will help you determine whether it will go well with your foot type.

* If you gonna opt for a low toe vamp, sometimes buying a +1/2 size added to your normal shoe size is the best especially if you've got a big or flat foot so that it won't look as if you forcing and squeezing your feet into the shoe but if you are within the group of 'em slimfit feet, you in luck

Low toe vamps are usually sexy but if you carry them well, it won't end up looking tacky.

There is a trick i use when i wear low toe vamp shoes especially if i get it in my actual size 40.. whenever i wear such shoes, i stylishly without putting my mind to it, expand my toe inside the shoe while i catwalk just to give that toe area a little space so that it won't appear too tight. You should try and and see cos it works...

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