Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Alexander Wang Showcases His spring '17 Collection.

Alexander Wang just showcased his spring 2017 collection at his just concluded show and i guess the Taiwanese American fashion designer did not disappoint... lol @ me saying i guess he didn't disappoint cos am still trying to make a head and tail of these collection...Maybe when i've wrapped my head around these shoes, amma come back to give my verdict....

Moving on............. Do you guys know that Alexander Wang just released the sneakers he collaborated with Adidas at the after party of his spring show?..........infact scroll down down so you'll see the main reason for my *i guess* remark..

So here is the sneakers from the stables of Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals.... Nna Mehnn this designers will just be turning our heads inside out eh... Like seriously what is this? It looks like the cleaner versions of sneakers you find at dumpsters... Even if am given this shoe for free, i will beg with tears that i don't want or better still gimme a stiletto or the monetary value of the shoe... because there is no way you will put on this sneakers and convince someone that it's actually an expensive designer.

I can not come and go and look like a masquerade all because i want to rock a designer shoe...mstweeh.. Well let's see how fast this sneakers will move the market just like yeezy boost

Or what do you guys think of the sneakers?


Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Nice. I think sneakers are in vogue now.


BagsnBags said...

Ogboju na market nah.