Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Shop News: Glowyshoe Store, Coming Soon.

Hiya My Lovelies...How ya'll doing?

Aii lemme dive into the gist of the day..*grinning* so of late i've been planning, strategizing and doing lots of travelling and the outcome of all the stress is the birth of my online store.

Few months from when i started this blog, i've been recieving lots of mails from people asking me where they could get good affordable shoes, or that do i offer the services of a personal shoe shopper? So to answer these questions, First..whenever i recieve such mails asking about online stores that sell good shoes, i reply by stating down various options while secondly, yes i offer the services of a personal shopper but am yet to make it official.

So i've finally decided to open my shoe store on the blog which will be on a stand alone page. All you need do is scroll down through the navigation options but i will always include a link to the store on every post. So hopefully by God's Grace, we should commence on Friday.

For now we doing flats, but as we keep going, more shoe styles will be included and please am just into the ladies shoes but guys don't worry your's is coming soon too.

I hope ya'll patronise the store. So sound the alarm




Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Yay!!! I love this news. Way to go girl!

Prince Nwachukwu said...

Great news!

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Unknown said...

Good one hun. Yes got your mail. You have my full support just state how


BagsnBags said...

Glowwwwyyyyy!!!!!!👏💪🏾👊🙏,You moshine when u moshine. Plz I will if d price z gud.