Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Family Meeting: Everyone Is Invited 2.

Hiya my lovelies.

Today is family meeting time on the blog. If you missed the first segment, just click Here...And by this, it simply means ya'll are given the opportynity to say your mind about the blog both positive and negative, don't worry all comments are welcome.

I remembered someone asking me what my blog niche is about, i simply told him SHOES that is why it is called a shoe blog.

The only thing is that when i started, i only wanted to focus on just the lady shoes, but feedbacks made me dive into the male and kids shoes, so you see why this segment is important? cos you get too tell me what am doing wrong or right, what you hope to see and so on......

\I just had to make this so brief cos i believe we've all gotten the message.....The floor is open.


BagsnBags said...

Ur really hitting it glowy.Keep it up!!! Love how u give well detailed info about shoes.

Paola Lauretano said...

I'm a shoes-addict and I love your blog!
xo Paola
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