Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Experts Says Wearing High Heels Everyday Can Risk You Having Cancer?

Well according to an article i read on dailymail, wearing of highheels everyday could risk you having cancer. Let me state it as it is.

For decades, women have been warned about the damage high heels can cause to the feet and joints. But it seems there may be even more reasons to ditch the stilettos.

Last week, Helen Sewell, a communication coach, told MPs high heels are costing British businesses £260 million a year as women take sick leave for related conditions.

‘Wearing heels has a serious impact on your ability to think properly, your ability to breathe properly and your ability to deliver an executive presence,’ she told the Commons committee inquiry into the effect of dress codes in the workplace.

There have been a number of studies identifying health risks associated with wearing heels long-term.
While wearing heels initially strengthens the ankle muscles, long-term the same muscles are weakened, leading to injury, reported phsyiologists at the University of North Carolina in the U.S last year.

Previous studies have suggested high heels can lead to problems including hammer toes (where the toes become permanently bent), muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis (‘wear and tear’ of the joints).

There may also be a link between vertiginous footwear and cancer, according to a leading cancer specialist, Dr David Agus, a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California.

In his book A Short Guide To A Long Life — which lists the simple steps people should take to reduce their risk of cancer and long-term illness — Professor Agus recommends avoiding heels and spending more time in comfortable shoes. You can read the all article Here.


Immaculate said...

Hmmmmmm I don't know about the cancer stuff but I know a friend that has been having severe pains in her knee for the past 9 years and after every scan and test, doctors said it is because of the shoe(heels) she has been wearing all through her life as a lawyer, she always wears heels to look smart. Today she is suffering it. Too much of everything is bad.

Anonymous said...

i only wear heels to church or parties thats once in a while.
I also have a colleague,she like heels and she will be walking with it gorgeously on the street of lagos,i dey pity her sometimes