Friday, 29 July 2016

Vans Reveals Sneakers Made With Italian Textiles Exclusively For Women

Vans is making we ladies have a taste of Italian luxury cos most of us are used to the this language "am looking for good italian leather shoes" so look no further when it comes to your sneakers cos van's has got you covered

The brand on Wednesday revealed its latest collection which features the Italian Weave Pack exclusively for women featuring two of the its classic silhouettes: the Sk8-Hi Slim and Classic Slip-On. 

The collection makes use of three different woven textiles on the uppers of the shoes. A blue and black multistripe pattern, a watercolor-inspired design and a geometric black-and-white print each appear on both a Sk8-Hi Slim and a Classic Slip-On.


Favourmoyse Blog said...

OMG!!!! these sneakers are amazeballs!!!!!


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