Monday, 25 July 2016

“My High Heels Aren’t Meant To Be Comfortable.” – Christian Louboutin

I've read various articles, writeups of people's experience with the christian loubouin shoes... their conclusions all boils down to the fact that the shoes are uncomfortable and am like how uncomfortable are these shoes maybe cos i don't have one yet, so i won't totally agree. buh anyways christian Louboutin stated in this interview below that he's shoes are not mearnt to be comfortable

In a recent interview with “CBS This Morning”, the French designer Christian Louboutin was interviewed about his stylish and expensive designer heels. Minutes into the interview, the beautiful news anchor Gayle King (Oprah Winfrey’s best friend) takes one of her red-bottoms off and candidly addresses the designer, “These are truly a work of art, but I’ll tell you, by the end of the day, you can be crippled if you’re not comfortable.”

Christian Louboutin later states, “Design is my priority…if anyone tells me my shoes are comfortable, that wouldn’t be a compliment to me.”

Did you watch the video clip?  Did you catch when the Red-Sole Man said he didn’t make heels for comfort?  And did you notice an extra white padding insert in the interior of Gayle’s Christian Louboutin pump?  We don’t blame you, Gayle!  Those Christian Louboutins are gorgeous, but goodness, they are so hard to walk on!

It’s clear from Mr. Louboutin’s words he thinks, ‘it’s more important for a woman to feel sexy than to feel comfortable’.
How does this make you feel as a woman? Is feeling stylish more important than feeling comfortable? It’s surely a beautiful thing to feel sexy. In fact, we feel on top of the world in a pair of sexy, beautiful pumps! But when the fourth hour on those precious pumps passes, how are you really feeling? Are you feeling as sexy as the first hour in them when you were first starting the night at your favorite restaurant on Sunset Blvd? Or are you feeling miserable in those heels you can’t balance right now?
The night continues, and you have a couple of drinks.  Your feet start to swell up a bit …Hours go by, and you’re truly enjoying yourself laughing, dancing, and drinking.  Then, you and a friend take a moment to go to the powder room (restroom) and realize a line of 15 women waiting to go in!  You have no choice but to also get in line and be number 16.  All the while, you’ve been waiting in line for over 13 minutes in the same position, and your feet start hurting and burning.  You’re getting impatient.  Thoughts go through your head to take off your heels, but you don’t.  You don’t, because that wouldn’t be lady-like, right?

High Heel PainThe night progresses and the fun too!  That sober friend, the designated driver, starts to notice your posture change.  He notices your right foot limping, and you start walking rigid as if you had blocks of metal on your feet, dragging them with every step you take. You’re still having fun in those sexy heels, but your toes now are feeling squished; the balls of your feet are feeling on fire; and your heels are getting stabbed with every step you take.  Those beautiful pumps still look sexy, but now you are walking like a DUCK and not walking attractive anymore!!!  But wait…weren’t you feeling sexy in those amazing heels at the beginning of the night?

This has happened to most women and to me toooo!  But let’s dissect this further… Do your shoes make you sexy, or do you make the shoes sexy?  Tricky question, right?  It may go both ways.  Your shoes can make you look sexy and add to your sex appeal, true! But wouldn’t you agree that even if you had the most sultry-sexy, bedazzled gorgeous shoes on and felt like the most beautiful lady at the party, but hours in you walked like a DUCK in them, that wouldn’t make you feel or look sexy?  Let’s read this again… Tough concept to understand… But really dig deep… It might just make some logical sense.

So what do you do in this case?  You need to find a balance between chic and comfort. And please don’t think you need to compromise style for comfort.  This is the old world mentality.  We aren’t talking about your grandma’s shoes, my ladies!  In today’s fashion we have the ability to marry style and comfort and build beautiful shoes your fashionista alter-ego would  be proud wearing all day and night long.  



Favourmoyse Blog said...

You see why I prefer flats


Favourmoyse Blog said...

Hmmmmm.. How can I wear a shoe that is uncomfortable? Who sexy epp?


Tessy Onyia said...

Can't deal! Flat all the way lol..