Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday Outfit Inspiration: What To Wear To Work.

It's the first working day of the week guys and i guess ya'll are well equipped for it. So i won't really stay this is a new series yea... i make u posts as it comes to my mind...but not to worry, amoon keep up with this as long as i can.

So dressing up on mondays can be a little bit hectic yea especially when you think of how you hve to wear them stiletoe totally understand but then again you shouldn't be sterotyped to just one particular style

Spice up your outfit by donning a wedge sandals or covered shoes.. yea i get the fact that the wedge is one of the trickiest shoes to pull off — not quite as dressy as a stiletto but when paired with the right clothings, trust me you are very good to go.

One advantage of the wedge is that it's not as casual as an espadrille and will also give you a balanced step.


Unknown said...

Glowy dear am fine and have missed you but hustling will not lemme see road lolz. Those wedges could be mine but......

The woman God will use, is a woman that is available and willing. God does not have time for those who have no time for HIM. A woman that God can use must .....

Carina Vardie said...

Pretty selection, very chic!