Sunday, 19 June 2016

Glowyshoes Wishes You All a Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday to each and everyone of us. This is the third sunday in this just just have one more sunday before the month runs out...mehn that's so fast... I can remember vividly when we went for cross over night... May God help us to achieve all our dreams as we keep forging ahead In Jesus Name. Amen.

So i've been recieving some complaints from the male folks that am been one sided in my posts..that almost 95% of my posts are all for we ladies... Guys am so sorry can't blame me..first of all am a lady and a proud one at that and you know we ladies have got unending cute items that we keep gushing over about that we tend to forget oh the male folks are in the picture not to worry cos most of my posts for this coming week is gonna be about the men's new shoe collections...I just hope you will be able to craw inspiration from all of them.

Make sure ya'll dress well and most importantly, adorn your feet with comfortable shoes.



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