Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Is this Caption true?

Hmmmm .....leme give ya'll one personal imagine their ears twitching..hehhehe

Don't mind me joor...wanted getting your attention there..ntorr!

Aii so what do you guys thinks of this meme,is this really true? You know the popular saying that the way to man's heart is his tummy so now they saying the way to a woman's heart is a sole...which simply means keep buying her more and more shoes.

Well for me this is so true but don't know about you... lets hear your opinion.

N.b: for those that have hurt me in any way, and you looking for how to make up to me..think hard no more cos all you have to do is get shoes and have them delivered to me,then we can talk...if not we still fighting..


Favourmoyse Blog said...

It will be true for you na because you are a shoe felon. Doesn't work for me tho


Unknown said...

Hahahahaha don't know ooooo

Unknown said...

For some yeah, but I don't think all women like shoes. For me, definitely.

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Anonymous said...

not to everywoman tho,different strokes for different folks