Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gist Of The Day: Yeezy Boost in Collaboration With Nike.

Hiya my Lovelies...hows everyone doing?

Mehnn Nepa yaf decided to be extremely wicked and stingy with their light....Its a rant for another day.

Hmmm can you guys imagine! see them i didn't know that Kanye west sneakers was also released under Nike oo...hehehe.......... Last week i entered the market with my friend and bully, he then drew my attention in an amebo way and was like...madam shoes as we move alittle bit further, look by your left you will see one shop where they are selling Nike yeezy sneakers and i was abeg am not in the mood for that joor.... and he kept insisting that we check it out so i could share on my blog which made sense and i agreed.

So when we entered the shop after my friend warned me to control myself, the conversation went thus:

Me: Oga abeg this sneakers na how much you they sell am?

Seller: Na kanye west own... na 8k the sneakers get different grades.

Me: (i was really holding my laughter)......hmmm na your last be that? because na person send me say make i come check for the shoe

Seller: Aunty you sef look the sneakers nau na better grade be this ( he was already bending the sneaker to drive home his point).

Me: ok. but i go snap the shoe send for the person. anyone him choose, i go come back come buy... you talk say 8k na last last abi?

Seller: aunty i no fit lie for you ontop my market nau...make i arrange am so you go snap am well.

Me: that's how i snapped and left not after i collected his complimentary card.

Scene end....hehehehhehe... i didn't go back there again...what is my own..

But seriuously how does this work? like it is widely known that yeezy boost was released in collaboration with Adidas yet people have the mind to do outright fake..assuming it was without the Nike logo, it would still be manageable but dayummmmm..... abeg it still won't kill the love i have for the sneakers..

Anyone in the house wanting to gift me with The Adidas yeezy boost sneakers should just hit me up on

For those who don't know how the original yeezy sneaker look like, here is a pix of it below


Unknown said...

queste sneakers sono meravigliose


Paola Lauretano said...

Absolutely cool!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Beauty Editer said...

This post is absolutely beautiful!

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regard. said...

Na wa o,our aba brothers are really trying, in other words Glowyshoe your English composition is very bad,and you are a blogger you are supposed to sound very professional,have you ever seen Linda ikeji use words like "yaf" "haf",as in I don't just feel it,and pls post this thanks bae!.

Nwiro Ngozika said...

Well done glowyshoe!


Anonymous said...

hilarious! omo mibo will not kill me.i actually saw knockoff for 10k through sdk blog...

michelle said...

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