Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Question Of The Day?

Hiya Lovelies,

How did your weekendgo and how is your week going? Am sorry i left ya'll for some days...was abit ill but am happy i've got myself back..

Yesterday i was telling someone that its just clear that my body system is saying you are not meant for this country,lol hat am meant o be in places like Usa,Uk, Russia coversface* don't be surprised when Glowshoes tells ya'll soonest she has relocated ooo. don't say i didn't tell you cos i yaf said my own.loool.

Aii let's dive into the business for today,

Jus say the truth aii....WHAT HAVE YOU EVER DONE TO GET NEW SHOES?

for me personally, if am the one getting the shoe for myself, i can starve or i have starved to get really beautiful shoes. but if it is from someone aside myself, i've done nothing other than atleast its still a task. Over to you.....


Unknown said...

Deprived myself of the initial thing i set to buy and buy shoe. I am careful these days going to shoe stores cos i don't want wahala for myself oo lolz.

Anonymous said...

off course starving myself...and spending my last kobo on shoes..tho i intend to stop