Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Stinker Post.

Hey Guys..... am not in a very good mood today.....mehn i had to really sit don to think of what to say without sounding all insultive......honestly i don't know why some peeps go all out to be very rude and insulting haba... yesterday i got about three mails from different addresses asking me that why can't i force bmf to do a giveaway after doing an exclusive on her.....like seriously....are you guys that low? how on earth will you force someone to give out something? is it your own? and by the way that i bring in exclusive interviews here does not mean there must be a giveaway attached to it.....mstweeh.... this is not even the first of its kind cos i've recieved mails like this ever since i started the giveaway post....as in you can imagine mails telling me that am supposed to be giving out shoes everyday...lol... like criosly? everyday....for those sending me such mails maybe you should start sending me money, then i will shop for 'em shoes to be doling out everyday... That beggy beggy with attitude stinks pls...

Some people just live their lives on osho free as if you don't know it use to run belle......

You can't force me to do a giveaway... most times my giveaway does not just end on my blog... i do it even amongst my friends, strangers and i even give out for ministry of mercy does not mean i will come and announce it here.... So Ejo, Biko, DanAllah, please look elsewhere ok cos on this blog we do everything from styles, to maintainance and what have you. and most especially am not just building a distant fanbase ok am trying to build a community of friends with one mutual passion and like which is shoes.

So instead of asking, why don't you also add value to the blog by contributing your own quota....Am trying so hard not to be insultive but please enough already....

Why i decided to bring this here is to thrash it out openly cos i don't reply to such mails to avoid uncessary back and forth insultive replies which i don't do.

Infact Lemme just put it out straight...SHOULD WE PAUSE THE GIVEAWAYS TILL FURTHER NOTICE?


oliviasdiary said...

wow i can't believe that some people will stoop that low because of a giveaway... Glowy peoples bad actions should not stop you from the fantastic job you doing here.

Olisdiary blog

Unknown said...

Please those sending those mails shld stop it..I have won two lovely shoes on glowyshoe blog abd I will forever be grateful to her..Glo can not tell BMF to do a giveaway it is not her business please you people sending her mail shld think with ur brain

Alabekee said...

I don't know why some people are so shameless. Does it mean that those set of human beings can't afford to recharge their phones anymore except blogs do a giveaway? Besides, how on earth do they expect Glowy to force BMF to do a recharge card giveaway? Let me join Glowy to try not to be insultive otherwise......I comment my reserve. But before I end this comment, whoever is doing this, you know yourself...BE VERY CAREFUL AND TRY GET A LIFE.


www.glowyshoes.com said...

Mstweeh don't mind them...it was even a shoe giveaway they said i should have told bmf to do...very annoying...

Anonymous said...

i actually wanted to send you a mail to ask if you know of any Adaobi Grace,she has earlier last week sent me a mail that she needed clothes and shoes cos she will be starting a new job next month that was this march,ohk i dont know what i came upon me i replied that wat was her size,she replied and i kept quiet for like 2weeks cos i have not beem myself.after yesterday post i received yet another mail from her asking me to please remember her that she needs shoe and bags,now its not cloth,
i discussed with my close pal ,and i concluded this is some one monitoring me,i might not know her,and its a hard world we live in,i cannot give out what i wear to a total stranger,i dont know you adaobi neither do you even comment on my blog,so i dont know,if i want to do shoe giveaway i will give out a new shoe or shoe i have never worn.but right now,waking up to see my shoes give me life,they are my babies pending when my baby comes.i have to be careful in giving out my stuff during times like this.I dont know your motive! whoever you are i know you visit glowy shoe
from the tone of your letter,you are not in need,you are just looking for who to swindle.

glowy sorry for my long post.

ChincoBee said...

Beggy Beggy

The person might even be a blog reader. She should have asked openly nah. Nawah for people oooo, don't they get tired?

www.glowyshoes.com said...

I don't know such a fellow ooo... It was so annoying when i read the mails yesterday... My dear you are do right giving out is not the ptoblem but the motive behind whoever is collecting...always scrutinize such requests

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Are you serious? This is funny as well as annoying. People do this?? Smh. I like how you responded - by ignoring the emails and openly addressing the issue. That shows maturity. Cheers babe.

Sweetie, don't stop your giveaways o - whether offline or online. Giving is living.

*staring at the shoes you gave me* Will flaunt it soon. :)

Anonymous said...

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