Monday, 7 March 2016

GSB Exclusive: Interview With Blogger Bolatito Fashina Of Bmf Blog..

GSB: Hello Bmf how you today?
Bmf:Hiya Glowy shoe,I am fine

GSB: You've got an impeccable fashion what is fashion to you?
BMF: Fashion to me has a lot of meaning ,it is a mode of expression, Fashion is been effortlessly chic,classy, unique yet simple and again fashion to me means being who you are,and being comfortable with yourself and not following the trend. I must say my fashion is unpredictable.

GSB: Glowyshoe blog is all about celebrating and showcasing beautiful shoe styles and trust me you've got a great shoe will you say you a shoe freak?
BMF: I love shoes even before I started visiting Glowy blog, but the moment I started visiting Glowy blog, I became a shoe whore, to the extent that if you ask me what do you want all I scream is shoes. When my sister travelled she didn't bother to ask what I wanted she got me 4 lovely shoes.

GSB: How many shoes do you have in your closet right now?
BMF: Right now I have over 50 shoes ,planning to buy more but no space yet, lolz.

GSB: How old is the oldest shoe in your closet?
BMF: My oldest shoe is this carton colour shoe from select, anaconda skin. I had it since 6 years ago.    (Will send the pictures )

GSB: Whats you best designer shoe?
BMF: Do I really have best designer shoe? I go for anything beautiful and unique ,I don't like my shoes, dress everywhere,even my perfume  I feel awkward. I love it when people see my shoes and they be like wow!  Where did you get this from, I want bla bla.

GSB: What's the highest amount you can spend on shoe shopping?
BMF: Well, I can spend  $300 or as low as $10,depends .in Nigeria currency my highest is 50k that's my wedding shoe and the lowest 3k5 prices for my ballerina shoes

GSB: Do you purchase strictly designer shoes or you also do random shoes too?
BMF: I  don't really do popular shoe designer, though I have one or two of them Zara,Selena Gomez, Gucci,atmosphere, new look,  Dorothy Perkins. St John bay, Christian Siriano, ooh I have loubs too*winkwink* I like Zara, I have their bags .it's not about the tag,it's about how you combine and the fittings.

GSB: Whats your best color and how do you take care of your shoes?
BMF: I must say I don't really have a best colour tho I purchase mostly black shoes because of the nature of my job, but now you can see colours other than black in my closet, lolz. I am guilty I hardly take care of my shoes*mybad*but all thanks to Glowy who has been teaching us about shoe maintenance on her blog.

GSB: Which shoe can you never be caught wearing and which do you feel more confortable wearing?
BMF: There are these "ibo made shoes" or mass production as they call it, I can never ever buy it .I feel comfortable wearing my flat shoes, so comfy. I love sneakers too.

GSB: Can you let your friends wear your shoe and can you wear their's too?
BMF: That act was during my University days, my friends will wear my shoes and I do wear theirs but now I can't. I have more than enough, I rather give out.

GSB: When should we expect you to do a shoe giveaway
BMF: I give away shoes to people around me who need it more ,if you are my close friend you must have gotten shoes from me  it's not until I put it on blogs or instagram

GSB: Thanks for taking out the time to talk to me..any word for your fans out there who are shoe lovers?
BMF: Thank you Glowy, I really appreciate this for giving me this golden opportunity, I will never take it for granted. You are really doing a good job, the sky is your starting point. And to my fellow shoe lovers, please don't go overboard because you want to get that designer shoe, don't make shoes own you ,cut your coat according to your money.

This is Bmf's shoe closet looking colorful and well aranged... am giving ya'll the freedom to scout with your eyes for the shoe of your choice and then run over to her blog at Bolatitoblog to ask her for them..all you have to do is mention Glowyshoes and the shoe is yours..Am really serious here *straightface*

I love the fact that she has a fan close to her shoes which is really good. you know we've discussed on he benefit of airing our shoes. When there is free flow of air in beween your shoes, it tends to last longer and also reduce smell.

This is a picture of bmf still rocking the oldest shoe in her closet below..
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Unknown said...

Wowwwww nice Shoe closet bolatito I really loveeeee your shoe collection #wink#

Mimi12 said...

Bmf you have a lovely shoe closet. I love the red shoes, am eyeing them.

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Paola Lauretano said...

Such an interesting interview!
Kisses, Paola.


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Unknown said...

I love those red sandals.. Nice and interesting interview.

Alabekee said...

Glowy have you seen how you've made BMF to become a shoe whore? Dia ris God ooooo. btw, this chic has a very nice shoe closet. said...

Bekee darling.....why you accusing me wrongly ehnnn...shoe whorism is not bad biko.. Better prepare youself i will soon come knocking

Codemonk Spot said...

Shoe whore indeed. Lovely though.

Unknown said...

This babe, ever since I met her in uni days, I love her style, she is so stylish, she can go on hungry strike to buy her dream dress, shoe. I remember in 400 level there was this converse wedge I saw on her, Choi. It was only jlo I saw the shoes on. I now saw it with this girl.
Choi, hope you have change sha.

Good one proudy

ChincoBee said...

Yayyyyyy see my homegurl. Am right after you

You are following your sister's footsteps (lindodo)

Anonymous said...

yaaaay! seee me ooo.Thank you all.

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Niceee! I enjoyed this post.

Savoir Sound said...

Lovely post, dear!! .x

Topmost said...

Nice shoes. I like them