Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dorateymur Fall 2016 Shoe Collection.

Have ou guys ever heard of this designer? for me, i haven't but wanted to share the shoes anyways. The shoes looks like all those shoes kings or knights use to wear in all those children story

Dora Teymur the London-based high-contemporary designer who is known for his bold silhouettes ,just relaeased his 2016 fall collection.

“I’m drawn to geometric shapes,” says Teymur, a graduate of Cordwainers School at the London College of Fashion on his successful Munise and Turbojet styles.

“If people thought my previous work was unexpected, with this collection they will be shocked,” declares Teymur. “I’m doing something very new.” Indeed, classical shapes were fused with references the designer pulled from The New Romantics in a slick palette of silver, black, red and wine. “I’m influenced by the ’80s right now. I think rock ‘n’ roll will always be prevalent in my work in a way.”


Nora Gouma said...

Absolutely amazing items, such beautiful form shoes, I love the red color, thank you for sharing!!!


Alabekee said...

Very beautiful collection

Unknown said...

This is a no no for me o.

Anonymous said...

Lisa folawiyo kinda shoes