Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Sunday To Everyone.

Happy Sunday to everyone and guess what its 14th february, Happy Valentines day also..

Ya'll should pls concentrate in church and not be thinking about your planned grooving..hehehe


So how will the val be for us? for me tho i really don't know cos....................... but yesterday i had fun helping out a friend shop for shoes and other stuffs twas really nice.

As for my ladies in the house, lemme give you some gift ideas ou can quickly get if you have the intention of giving that's if the funds is there cos you cannot come and go and kill yourself.

These ideas r what my friends got yesterday so it's really cool




*gift set(perfume, body wash and grooming kit bag)

* travelling box(red)

As for the guys, you can get her


*Gift set

*shoes and it should be a christian Loubout so kate pumps cos that is love..

*License to shop(Just tell her to go and online and pick whatever she wants..thats love)

*Candle light dinner(you can even do it at home)

**This is to SKG... I needed that message...ka kyauta sosai ma...and tnx for not been around.....There shouldn't be B today *straightface*

N:B: ur next post be thibgs gotten for ya'll should start sending in your pictures.


Prince Nwachukwu said...

Happy val....nice gifting ideas

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Unknown said...

Hahaaaaaha Glow You are right if only the guys will hear. Happy Valentine

kwinn said...

Hapi val long tym boyfriend shattered my hat, 😥 said...

Ehya sowie'll be fine

Anonymous said...

poor me! i didnt get anythiung for val...this new week will be the longest week in my life...God help me btw

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Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Happy Sunday, Glo!

And maybe, Happy Valentine!

Unknown said...

Glowy abeg forget all those paparazzi jare. Happy new week.