Monday, 25 January 2016

Women’s Shoes Inspired By The Men’s Fall ’16 Runway Show.

Meandher Valentina suede penny loafers, $425.
You girls see the reason why guys often complain how expensive their stuffs are in the because of we women...our love for fashion eats right into anyting..

These shoes are typical women shoes inspired by men shoes....yh i know most of us might say ahn ahn Glowy these are men shoes...but hold up! i eally mean it that they are women shoes.And when you see the way some ladies will pair up this shoes eh? you will find yourself searching for one..

Burberry Abbet leather brogues, $675.

Dr. Martens Beverley brogue oxfords, $99.95.

Lanvin metallic suede brogues, $890.

Minivog wingtip brogues, $64.95

Marni leather fringed brogues, $800.

Michael Kors slip-on brogues, $913.

Miista Myla fringed slip-on shoes, $169.95.

Tod’s classic leather lace-ups, $420.

Dr. Martens Irene brogue oxfords, $199.95


Unknown said...

The 1st and d last shoe is lovely for men

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Hahaha! Nice collection, sweetie. And just yesterday I was talking about hacking into the men's wardrobe.

The men are so in trouble. Lmho!

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Unknown said...

I love love those that have sparkle and glitter

ChincoBee said...

love the first

Prince Nwachukwu said...

Lovely collection

SkyPrince Blog

Anonymous said...

this one na man shoe

Unknown said...

Which woman will wear these?

Alabekee said...

They all resemble men's shoes ooooo

Alabekee's Blog

Anonymous said...

the shoes are too masculine for a lady biko