Saturday, 2 January 2016

Shoe Of The Day: Tamara Mellon Horizon PVC-trimmed Metallic Leather Sandals.

Our shoe of the day is this beautiful Tamara Mellon Horizon PVC trimmed Mettalic Leather Sandals. this three strap sandals was made popular by Guiseppe Zanotti and ever since then, both luxury and high street shoe houses have taken into serious productions of this syle.
Tamara Mellon's 'Horizon' sandals are crafted from light-catching gold leather. This lustrous pair is set on a thin heel with clear PVC trims and an elasticated ankle strap for the perfect fit especially if you are the type with a wide or swollen feet...i remembered talking about elastic strap side some days ago, if you missed it just check it out here

"One thing we must know when it comes to buying strappy sandals from personal experience is that you should look out for those with elatic sides just incase you are the type who has a swollen feet... a normal starppy sandlas without them ropes will be difficult for you to put on even when you get your size but with the elastic side or detachable rope, it will be able to fit in properly.."

The shoe basically features a mettalic gold leather, Zip fastening along back, three way straps, elastic sides, Clear PVC on straps and a 75mm/ 3 inches heel height.

It is sold for $ 610 at Net-a-porter.
Other Color shades below:
TAMARA MELLON Horizon PVC-trimmed suede sandals

Tamara MellonFrontline metallic leather and PVC sandals


Dressed With Soul said...

Now I want to have such golden shoes in my shoe closet :)
Happy New Year! xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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naijaflo said...

Waooo.... this is so beautiful Glowy. Nice start for the 2nd day in 2016. Love this... Happy New year to you.....

Unknown said...

Love the gold color. I think Toke has these.

Damilola Ade said...

Too stunning!

Men's nails, hands and feet: the art of manliness!

Victor Kachi said...

Nice one...
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