Saturday, 23 January 2016

Buscemi Launches a Sneaker Collaboration with Colette.

Ya'll remember The Buscemi sneakers yeah....the one davido and tiwa savage got the matching set for themselves and their babies...check it out here...well Buscemi hasjust collaborated with Paris retailer Colette for their first limited-edition sneaker. The 100 MM unisex staple silhouette from Buscemi will launch for spring ’16.
Designer Jon Buscemi and Colette founder Sarah Andelman teamed up to create 24 sustainable printed leather sneakers detailed with a Martinique palm pattern. The shoes also feature the signature gold padlocks with the Colette logo engraved.
Andelman added that the two found inspiration from the Beverly Hills Hotel. “We love palms and we love the 100MM [silhouette],” she said.

The Buscemi x Colette limited-edition blue Martinique palm pattern 100MM style is available at Colette Paris and for $'s not that expensive yh?


Unknown said...

Nice sneakers

Anonymous said...

lovely sneaks

Anonymous said...

Ah! Me i dont like the shoe jo! How will omolomo nah come and goan be wearing Padlock up and down :(

Hiya Glowy! Thanks for coming by the YnC :) Happy New Year Bubba.. Blessings xx

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes......dunno why I'm so skeptical about wearing sneakers but will try one very sOon