Thursday, 28 January 2016

Aldo Debuts Their Spring ’16 Campaign

Laura Harrier for Aldo.
Aldo has once again shown us the reason why we should be patronizing their shoes with these beautifully captured Spring ’16 Campaign photo's.

Aldo shoes have suffer in Nigeria criosly...i can remember the times when i go out with my friends along estate bustop....*Mary Darling hope you are reading* whenever we coming down the bridge, the yeye girl will be like Glory let's check for shoes nau...and we we eventually check, it's all aldo shoes...chai...and we asked for their prices, the man will tell you 1500 if you press further he will say 1000 since then yea...i disliked aldo shoes....Not untill i saw like an original aldo shoes and the funny thing is that those shoes goes for $50 and you can imagine... same aldo shoe designs with ridiculous prices.

The images were shot by photographers Bela Borsodi and Matteo Monantari, the images use a still-life assemblage featuring the inspiration of a shoe, along with names who have unique personal styles.
Marissa Seraphin for Aldo.

Kesiuke Asano for Aldo.

Harry Ozoka for Aldo.

Kelsey Soles for Aldo.

Susannah Liguori for Aldo.

Silviu Tolu for Aldo.

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Alabekee said...

Glowy dear, it's obvious that the ones you priced with your friend back in the days were fake. Here are the originals. lolz

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