Monday, 28 December 2015

Shoe Of The Day: Nine West Nehain Sandals.

It's been a while i did a shoe of the day post.... i have to go back to doing that.

Today's shoe of the day is the Nine West Nehain strappy snadals. The sandals features a multi color leather upper, Stride right with a cut out, brushed hardware up the front ladder, tie detailing and a 4.53 inches heel height.

I have always been a huge fan of strappy sandals because of the sexy and slim look it gives to the feet.
One thing we must know when it comes to buying strappy sandals from personal experience is that you should look out for those with elatic sides just incase you are the type who has a swollen feet... a normal starppy sandlas without them ropes will be difficult for you to put on even when you get your size but with the elastic side or detachable rope, it will be able to fit in properly..

I had a friend that when we went shoe shopping a while back, she was left disappointed cos she culdnt get a perfect fit ans she is a sie 39 but had to go for a size 40 still yet twas a bit bigger than her feet but the starps were her perfect fit.

So my girls always know that your feet shape will always determine your buying of shoes.
This shoe goes for $ 94 which is even a discounted price and can be purchased at Ninewest.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, nine west also makes good shoes . the shoe looks comfy