Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Random Post: Harmattan Is Crazy oooo.

Hey my lovelies!

Guess who is in the house.............guess nau? .....Its me jhoorr,,see them anticipating to hear another name...*tongueout* back and honestly it felt really good. but mehn the cold here is on another level ooo. i was shaking and shivering like a's that bad... we shall survive it..

The above image was gotten from bmf's blog... when i saw it was just laughing cos i could and know lots of people that can relate to it..loool... you know when you forming james bond, saying you wont on the heater or if nepa now do strong thing, no is the mood of bathing or better still just boil water and use bucket.
The cold here sometimes makes you wish there's heat and when the heat comes, you'll just wish there's cold... We as humans cannot be satisfied.

I just wanted to rant a little that said, let's get into business.

This harmattan period is friendly and not friendly to our shoes... it's friendly because air will be able to circulate round the shoes to avoid peeling while unfriendly is the dust that will cover the shoes... well you can always get a shoe rag and damp it in little water to always dust 'em shoes.
Let's hear from you guys.


Alabekee said...

Yayyyy! It's harmattan season again when some people get to shower only once a day. The cold is not that bad here in Lagos, so no shaking. Sorry Glowy dear, I know how it feels over there. You shall survive! lolz

ChincoBee said...

The harmattan aint too bad here ooo atleast i still use cold water.

Anonymous said...

hehehehhehe this harmaTTan something eez not a Joking Sturvz sam sam oh! I guess its Weather for 2 season.. **Wears Evil smile.. I mean you need to see me morning by morning.. Omolomo wihh enter the Bathroom with a Blue Towel feeling all Gangster and shii.. then first stare at the bucket of water for like 7 minutes (the duration of my tiny Lumia's Alarm) before diving in! Kai! I cannot come and goan die oh Biko! My boRRy's ambient TemperaSHure must customize with that of the Bathroom first jo.. :)

Anonymous said...

It's always crazy in the early hours of the day but the dust no be here.anytime I have spare time I dust my shoes