Monday, 21 December 2015

Message For The Day.

Hey Guys.....welcome to a new week...........Ya'll might be surprised with our post for today....don't be....we all in the spirit of crossing over to the New Year, this is just to encourage us that in the coming year, we are not alone,

Topic: 365 Days of ExtraOrdinary Miracles.

Words of encouragemrnt.

*The past might be good but the future will be better.

*No stagnancy in the new year.

*I will not stop my journey halfway.
Sub topics.
1.The point of Entry: Luke 14:17.

2. The path to Excellence

* I shall be the head and not the tail

*I shall be extraordinary and not ordinary.

*God created me for a life of excellence.

*God created me to be on the mountain top.

This coming year 2016, will be a year of progress all you need do is Just take one step at a time. The place the lord wants to take you to in the new year, I(you) will surely get there. I(you) will make it. Luke 22:28; John 8:31; 1Timothy 4:16.

3. The patnership for Exploits.

*All power on earth and in heaven is given unto us. Isaiah41:10; Jeremiah1:19.

*Year 2016 is alreadly prepared for us to succeed Jeremaih14:21.

*Year 2016 will be a prosperous year, the best year you have ever lived.



Topmost said...

wow! great message. Compliment of the season

Anonymous said...

Year 2016 will be a better year for us.a year of progress