Friday, 11 December 2015

Coco Austin Shows Off Her Two Most Important Love.

Coco Austin who recently delivered of a bouncing baby girl, had a photo shoot session for he adorable baby Chanel.

Out of all the beutiful pictures she share online, this photo caught my attention.. we all understand that her baby is now her new found love yeah...but she just couldnt let go of the fact that her shoes were always her first love that's why she included them in her baby's photoshoot. this, i think she's trying to pass home a message that her baby is gonna be a shoe freak like her momma which ain't a bad thing... This picture is all shades of Adorable.

Who can spot one of the shoe in the picture that she's worn on the blog.


naijaflo said...

Love me some Coco.Third row,2nd pair. Is it flowered purple or lilac. I might have seen something like that here, Glowy. Lol. Kind of,sort of.Lol

Alabekee said...

I'm thrilled by this photo. Some people are really shoe freaks like my Glowy and BMF. #shineseyes

Anonymous said...

This is a shoe whorism