Monday, 28 December 2015

Am Back: Compliments of The Season.

Hey My Lovelies! how ya'll doing?...........lemme start this way................Compliments of the season to each and everyone of us... am sorry sorry i was inactive for four days.... i really had to concentrate on our convention and i happy i did..

So what did i did the christmas go for everyone? who got gifts and so on?

Well for me i didnt really have much fun because i was jammed up with lot's of work but one thing that really stood out for me apart from the gift sharing was that i got to meet up with my childhoods guys and it was really fun and heart touching catching up with them cos i got to learn so much in a little time.

Down here in Kano the celebration was not as loud as it used to be before it was just as if nothing was really happening not as if people didn't really celebrate.

Most streets did some contribution to do 'em street party....lot's of drinking, lot of................... saw different shoes people wore, some got my reactions with awww... what on earth is this chick wearing?......hmmm nawa oo i to must wear shoe.............geez shey she doesn't know this is so

All in all twas memorable.

Once more again compliments of the season to everyone...Lest i forget... wanna say a big thank You to those who checked up on me....Blogosphere is family.


naijaflo said...

Glowy Christmas was a blast. Rested so well. I can't remember the last time I did that. Ate ,slept ,spent quality time with my family. Hope you had a blast too. Stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Hope you prayed for us.
I am beginning to think you are a deeper life member

Hahahahahahah said...

My one and only Bola ooo..ou won't kill me with lafter..

Topmost said...

Welcome back

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