Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When Is The Right Time To Dispose Your Worn Shoes?

We all know that our feet needs the touch of shoes to give it an attractive look,and to protect it from any danger whatsoever. But at the same time,it needs our care. We should try and desist from the habit of wearing our shoes till it gets worn out. The way we can't use our toothbrush till the bristles starts falling off,should also be likened to our shoes.

 Don't wear your shoes till they become unwearable.It's a pity when we walk around and see the deplorable state of our shoes,and very disheartening to see the way shoes are been tortured. Shoes are meant to give comfort to our feet not to turn them into beast of burden all because they are protecting us.There are shoes for every occasion e.g for jogging,you use sneakers or canvass not using a stiletto or a ballerina flats.For indoor stay or little running around,you use a flip flop,e.t.c this is just common sense.When shoes are taken care off,they tend to serve their purpose and stay with us for a long time.(shoes got feelings you know)but on a more serious note,we should learn to treat our shoes with love and respect cause if we don't,we will end up carrying them instead of the shoes doing the carrying.(we will walk bare foot while they enjoy a jolly ride on our hands or handbags).

Below are some of the ways shoes are been worn till it looses it's value

●wearing our slippers or flip flops so bad till it starts having a big hole at the heel or big toe end.

●wearing our ballerina flats till the little heel wears off completely and the front part looses it's grip and tears open(begging for mercy)

●wearing our pumps or stiletto till part of the heel chops off thereby changing our walking step,which could be dangerous to your health.All of these mentioned above and more are not healthy.we should learn to wear our shoes moderately and also interchange between shoes. when you wear a shoe today,instead of repeating it,wear a different shoe instead.

Don't be among the group of people that say i will rock my shoe very well. That's a very bad way to think.you shouldn't wear a shoe,and rock the life out of it. Like i said earlier,the best way to wear shoes,is not to wear them all the time,have other shoes available.with the little money you have,you can get a less costly but durable shoe.By doing so,we will be able to make shoes available for bend down select(second hand or okrika shoes) and also be able to give out for charity(the less privileged.

Now the question is how long can you wear your shoes before disposing them or do you wear and rock out the life out of them?

Lets know your view.


Alabekee said...

As long as the shoe is still serving its purpose, I will keep rocking it. I will only dispose when it's no longer fit to do its job. lolz

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

The only time is when I have money to replace it. Till then, ama keep wearing my worn out shoes. Lol.

Hi Glo, thanks for checking on me. You hear? :)

Anonymous said...

I am fond of rocking a particular shoe especially my ballerina shoes. I usually rock the life out of my flat shoes compared to "dem heely shoes ".

Most times I give my shoes out especially if I have got new ones


Unknown said...

Ha this post certainly not for some certain people.. Hehehe lolz me number one.... Hahahahaha


naijaflo said...

The thing is it depends. If you have many you won't have to rock one till it develops cameroon mountain. But if you eventually do,you don't need any sign to tell you to pause. You look at it yourself and give your self a break. The shoe will speak to you.

Angel M said...

Working in a corporate environment make me have many shoes esp office shoes. I may wear a shoe just once in a week. Like that my shoes don't get worn out.


ChincoBee said...

Am with alabeeke on this.....#team over use the shoe# lolz

I use my flats more....


Unknown said...

Thanks glowy for d advise
That's y I hv Dem many😉