Friday, 13 November 2015

Kylie Jenner Auctioning Her Shoes On Ebay.

Above is a sneak peek into Kylie shoe closet that she sahred with her followers on instagram and there's another good news for hwer fans..Aii if you her fan, ya'll should know that she is auctioning some of her designer shoes on ebay.

She and her sister Kendall have an eBay auction page that they use occasionally, and now it’s up and running with jeans, tops, skirts and shoes from Kylie’s wardrobe.
She's auctioning off some pieces from her enviable closet. which also includes a Balenciaga strappy platform sandals and Fendi beige and gold ribbon lace-up sandals. For now the Bidding on both is still under $100, so if you happen to be around a women’s size 8, it’s your lucky day.
Balenciaga strapppy sandals being auctioned off.


naijaflo said...

Nice taste for a young girl.

CatwalkwithPAT (Please click on my name) said...

Not my size, would have bought it

ChincoBee said...

Datz nice. Our naija people no dey auction their 200 + shoes ni?

Glowy help me ask them make heat no finish the shoes for house

Even me sef dey auction for my church lolz

Alabekee said...

Nice one Kylie

Anonymous said...

Abi oo at chincobee, I agree. The likes of Linda, Toke should auction. Stingy people. Lolz