Saturday, 7 November 2015

Beginners Guide: How To Walk In High Heels.

This is For ya'll asking me to do a post on how to walk on heels... i hope this self explanatory points will help out.

1. Practice walking on your tip toe,

2. Start by walking on low heels and walking your way up to the higher,

3. Buy your corect fitting shoe regardless of what the size say,

4. Scuff the outsoles first so they are not slippery,

5. Walk heel to toe and not toe to heel,

6. Take small steps,not baby steps or your long strides either,justn small steps.

7. Don't rush, walking quickly, you'll look awkward but walking slowly you will give off an air of confidence.

8. Lean slighlty back as this will counteract your inclination to lean forward.

9. Visualize yyourself walking a staraight line, look at the end point rather tahn looking down at your new heels.

10. Arch your foot slightly, this will make your shoe fit closer to your foot.

11. Do take training on stairs, why? Because you will need to be focused and alk all your leg muscles. After this exercise walk on flat ground.

12. Your ready to go. one more tip, don't try and spend all day or night on your feet, give your feet a rest , but you can show off your new pair of Louboutin better when you are sitting


ChincoBee said...

Ahahahhahaha na real lessons oooo. I have started with walking on toe and I can't just stop laffing@myself

Thanks dear

Wia is my yellow??? said...

Hahahaha i can only imagine...with more practice you'll be perfect.. Dun wuri yellow will come up soon

Unknown said...

Duly noted. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oya to the girls over to una

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Great post. Thanks Glo. :)

Anonymous said...

i reaaly need this,to improve my walking in high heels i used to think i dont walk well

lolz@ your last sentence.iget it bajebaje

Carina Kikelomo Jacob said...

I know how to work in heels. I find it difficult to dance with it cos I get tired easily. Do u have tips for that?$

Sassy mum said...

Haha i love this
I hate heels and shoes(not flats oo) with passion, maybe it's bcos am tall. I just can't cos it's so painful on my toes. Will keep trying. Thanks glowy

Fashionably Idu said...

Great tips Glory. The correct shoe size is top on my list and then shorter and thicker heels. Have a lovely week ahead darling, Xo

naijaflo said...

Correct shoe size is ultimate for a start.My problem is walking in heels without straps for support or platforms. Its gives me lion walk so i don't bother.Lol

Alabekee said...

This is my kind of post because I love high heels a lot. Thanks for the tips Glowy

CatwalkwithPAT (Please click on my name) said...

Great post....well pointed out.