Saturday, 24 October 2015

Qustion And Answer Time.

Hiya my darlings...howz the weekend turnt going... that is how one of my very annoying he goat of a friend called me that he is going clubbing with a friend who just came into town... huh! like seriously dude aint gat time for that....mstweeh..

I guess he was enjoying the songs playing that the next tin i saw was a msg asking me to come dance with him..hashtag:the name of the's how exicted people are when it's weekend..

Aii back to the business of the day which i almost forgot... Once every month, i give room for ya'll to ask me questions relating to our subject while i give out answers to the best of my knowledge. some of us might say what's there to ask, but the truth is that there are lot's of questions pertaining to shoes we can ask.. i know how many mails i get everyday from people ranging from where to get cheap shoes in lagos to where they can get affordable zara shoes, diy shoes,help in selling their shoes and lot's you see there are questions to ask...just keep them rolling in and we will try to sort them out..

Happy weekend guys..



Unknown said...

Am sure coming back with a questionnaire. Lol

Anonymous said...

oya keep the questions rolling in guys

Fashionably Idu said...

Great concept love. We both share the love for shoes. No question comes to mind now but I'll shoot as soon as I have one. Have a fab weekend.

Unknown said...

Is there anything like Nigeria made shoes apart from Aba shoes?

Anonymous said...

Ohk, firstly my shoes that have been waiting for Yaffe land. if my furniture doesn't answer me on time, I will kuku send my scatter scatter shoe rack.
2ndly I noticed my shoes are peeling, cos I did sanitation for my shoes in preparation for my feature. And these shoes no be moi moi shoes.
The first one is st John Bay, all those old court shoes for lawyers, my landlady sold it when she got back from US. The second one is select is peeling inside, please what's the causer, now I have rearranged, my shoes are close to the A.C
I can't wait to see my shoes on Tuesday. And I will stop buying shoes for now, I need to buy more bags biko said...

@bmf darlin you are balling real tite oo while you've forgettn about me...diaris God ooo...
As for your shoes peeling..lemme ask you, when you did sanitation for them, did you put them out to dry properly?..Lemme give you a tip for cleaning of your shoes....when arranging your shoes, arrange them systematically e.g some lines for strictly flats, strictly heels,slippers et.c... in doing so, instead of having to wash your shoes all the time, rather you could damp a handtowel specifically for shoes and clean them thoroughly then allow the to should know that our shoes has feelings so they need lots of air if not they will peel off.

i hope this helps.