Sunday, 11 October 2015

Photo's From The Wedding I Attended Yesterday.

tradition ceremony of Isaac and Grace

Am sorry for not giving you guys enough post..... like i said on Friday, i was invited for a wedding and because the dude use to be a good friend of mine before everyone decided to go solo, i just couldn't say i was not gonna go and coupled with the fact I've not been to a trad wedding and it's been more than 7 yrs i last went to a white wedding, i was like mehnn Glo you've got to go..

I've always had i.v's for hen night, trads and white and others, but most times the dates do not coincided with my schedules or i will deliberately not want to go and come up with some excuse all because am trying to avoid the talk of "Glory it will soon be your turn ooo...i want to come and eat rice"as if they've not been eating rice at heard plenty yesterday sotey my mouth was aching cos of smiling back in response out of respect...if not ehnnnn.....lemme zip my mouth..

Ya'll should pls manage these pictures ...this were the best i could get out of my sitting position.. I just had to zoom my iPhone camera to get a close shot.

As for ya'll saying am stingy with pictures, it's not like i am honestly..just waiting for the right photographer that will go on that photo-shoot journey with me which will involve moving from one location to the other.. and moreso i don't want the blog to be all about me

The trad(friday) and white wedding(yesterday ) was a very small and simple event but twas nice.. two very young couples wedded that day.

who is this?'s me

that's the best shoe pix i could snap cos i was getting late.

Outfit Details:

Native: My personal tailor.

Shoe: fabiano Ricco

Bag: Aldo


Unknown said...

So finally we have see our one and only glory of glowyshoe at last.. Why are u not wearing any.jewellery,make up,I don't like d way ur headtie covered ur ear..And plsss alway put a smile on ur face when posing for a pic.but you look pretty and I like ur dress..but this wedding wen u go......#cough#lip sealedq

Shoenshoes said...

Glowyyyyyy eeeeehhhhhhh!!!!! U fall my hand true. How come u no show us ur shoe? Abeg show am.

Shoenshoes said...

Show ur shoes

Aisha said...

Very nice :)

Unknown said...

Ok, hope you bring cake for me. Are they members of Chosen or Deeper life church? All the same Congrats to the new couple. Wishing them the best in their marriages. Glow happy Sunday. How are you today?

Unknown said...

Which denomination is this? Hml to them.
pheezy's corner

Unknown said...

I wish them the best of marital life..

Unknown said...

So you finally reveal yourself... hmmm. Good one. This wedding you attended seef, shea you said it is a traditional wedding? Don't mind me ooo, I am just having some random thoughts.

Unknown said...

I see you but cant see your shoes. If it is Glory, then the shoes is the next thing we are looking out

Unknown said...

I see you but cant see your shoes. If it is Glory, then the shoes is the next thing we are looking out for...lolz.

Anonymous said...

Ugo eehn, that your mouth.
Plus many things to this picture, abeg is this the trad ceremony?

Which tribe and which denomination be this. I guess they are deeper life hence your kinda dressing.
Happy married life to the newly wed , at least they are married that's the Koko

Unknown said...

Nice. We have seen the pretty Glowy shoe blogger at last.

ChincoBee said...

This one na deeper life wedding oooo. Shey dem say make guests too dress like deeper ni? Lolz

I am vexing right now cos I didn't see your shoe very well abi why you wear flowing skirt abi na gown? Lolz glowyyyyyyyy. Why didn't you wake up and dress up on time? How many questions I wan ask sef? Answer those ones first

Alabekee said...

Now I finally gat to see my Glowy's face....wishing the couple a happy married life

Unknown said...

I always love ur comment....... just hit nail on its head, gbam!