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Nigerian Celebrities And Their Favorite Fashion Items Plus Their Lying Figures.

Lemme state my own before i a celebrity,you can't feed us with stories without showing any proof to back it up...but wait before you guys start with the talk of not been obligated to,hmmm then you guys shouldn't have told us..take for example the international stars when they tell you they have this,the next that follows is pictures to back it up..

My fellow readers as you go through,you will understand what am talking about..all of them celebs have the same 200 worth of shoes like seriously what kind of a lie is it..even when you guys are sincere about it,we won't know since there is no picture to prove..all we can do is to keep drinking the zobo you guys keep pouring for us..

I have sha highlighted the potentially lies.. which is the constant number 200..

Meanwhile back to the main gist ......

Nigerian celebrities had at different times revealed their favorite fashion items or fashion items they can't do without.

Here are some of the list below..


"I Love Shoes, I Have Over 50 Perfumes And 200 Shoes And More"

*What is your weakness when it comes to fashion?

"I would say perfumes and shoes. I have over 50 bottles of perfumes and they are all designers while I have about 200 pairs of shoes; I have actually lost count of how many shoes I own. I know how it sounds but I am a shoe freak, it could be high or low, it could be slippers, sandals or sneakers depending on what I am wearing. I love shoes generally and I just can’t stop buying them. I also love my perfumes."

"I'm Addicted To Shoes, I Have Over 150 Pairs"

The stunning actress spoke about her love for shoes in an interview:

*Shoes or bags?

"Shoes definitely, I just love buying shoes.I have over 150 pairs."

"I'm A Shoe Freak, I've Over 200 Shoes"

The beautiful actress spoke about her love for shoes in an interview:

*.How many shoes do you have? And who is your favourite cobbler?

"Hmmmmm! I have lost count oh! Am sure my shoes are well over 200. Am a Shoe freak. My favorite shoe makers are Christian louboutin and Alexandra McQueen."


"I Cant Do Without Lip Gloss, Hair Extensions, Nails I'm A Perfume Freak, I've A Perfume Shrine, I've 285 Pairs Of Shoes And 200 Bottles Of Perfume"

The bulgy eyes actress once talked to Punch about her favorite fashion items.

*You also have so many foot wears?

"I was able to give out 85 pairs of shoes to orphanages in Abuja and Lagos. I was leftwith more than 200. You would feel you have given out enough but at the end of the day, when you go back and count, you will find out that they are still there."

"I Like Shoes, I've 200 Shoes And 125 Pairs Of Glasses"

“I have about 125 pairs of sunglasses. I think I own about 200 pairs of shoes and sneakers and it is not something to brag about. I like shoes and I collect them. I getshoes that are much branded and are limited edition. For, me it is not just about making a fashion statement anymore, it is art,” Jim told Punch.


Stephanie Linus discussed her favourite style items – “Shoes, shoes, shoes”

7. EBUBE NWAGBO- Shoes, Handbags, Sunglasses"

“I totally love everything about fashion especially my shoes, handbags and of course my sunglasses,” the curvy said

8. BEVERLY NAYA- 6-Inch Heel

"Favorite fashion piece is 6-inch heels, a true lady can't live without them", the sultry actress said.

9. SEYI SHAY- A Pair Of Heels

*What is that fashion item you can’t leave home without?

"I must always have a pair of heels in my car. Heels change your posture and youcan wear them with everything. They come in very handy." The singer told Punch.


*Favourite fashion accessory

"I loved shoes at a time because of my height. I loved high heels but they are now a tool for my job."

22 BUKKY WRIGHT- " I Love Shoes, I Can't Do Without Lip-Gloss"

*What’s your fashion fetish? Shoes, bags, perfumes, jeans, what? Why?

"I love shoes. I have all kinds. Of course, I like designer shoes, Dior, Versace, etc. But i like all kinds of shoes, flats, wedges, killer heels, I’m good with them all (laughs). But really shoes tell you the kind of woman you are, and I like that.

23 KAREN IGHO - "I Love Shoes And More Shoes, My Whole House Is Filled With Shoes"

*Do you have a fashion weakness?

"Shoes! Shoes! Shoes and more shoes! I can never have enough shoes. I have a strong weakness for shoes. I own lots of shoes, a whole lot. My whole house is filled with shoes. I’ve even lost count of the number of shoes I own."



Alabekee said...

Glowy dear, you're one of them you know. You love shoes as much as they do. btw, Ebube looks so gorgeous

Paola Lauretano said...

I'm a shoes-addict too!!!!!
Happy weekend hun!
Kisses, Paola.


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Hmmmm even gym iyke...

ChincoBee said...

I believe them all. People that ain't celebrities sef get plenty shoes

The same way you love shoes, if I have to count in my mind, I would say you have over 200shoes so na same category una dey.

I believe Jim Iyke's glasses, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe and co. But I don't wanna assume they counted it. It's just a rough estimate. Na dem sabi sha

Anonymous said...

Glowy, we never can tell, it could be true, me dat am not a celeb but am planning to have 100 shoes nko?
Infact chincobee has hit the nail in the head. Gbam!

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

You really took time to make this post. Great effort Glowy.