Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Shoe Diary 7

You guys don't want to know what i saw this let me adjust myself*don't mind me, i could be a drama queen sometime*....

Today on my shoe diary, we will be talking about a fake Versace shoe i came across and if you happened to have missed my previous shoe diaries, don't worry all you have to do is click here.

Let's dig into the gist... So my bff and I followed a friend of ours to go shop for some stuffs, and in the course of shopping, i turned my eyes and low and behold it's a fake Versace Pallazzo High-Top Trainers which goes for 6000 naira(Nigerian currency) which is about $ as a sharp girl that i am, i told the guy selling that i want to snap the shoe because someone is asking for it and he was like no problem go ahead and below are the pictures i took.

Ya'll should manage the pictures joo...since i don't have a professional camera yet, my iPhone is my buddy for now.

And to say we've been talking about fake designer shoe's on this blog...mehnn it's so sad when i see people wear these shoes and be forming denge de pose around...

Mere looking at the sneakers, you don't need a soothsayer to tell you that it is fake...just take a look at the dull leather composition, down to the faded signature medusa head, then to the insole label.
Check out the sole...Like i use to say..ain't nothing wrong in wearing designer look alike because most high street fashion houses have made their money on that. but the wrong in all these shoes is wearing an obvious fake that has the label of the designer branded on it.🙅

Better  still wear a knock from another brand not the knockoff of the brand...hope that makes sense🙍
This is the real deal below.
Mehnn am in need of a retail theraphy who loves me enough to take me shoe shopping....**lookingaround* and i can't wait to collect my birthday gift...biko nobody should ask me question untill i collect it


Alabekee said...

The difference is so clear and obvious

CatwalkwithPAT (Please click on my name) said...

Ahan!!! The diff is clear

Anonymous said...

this is what we call yibo made! lolz

ChincoBee said...

Lol e still try small