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How To Create The Perfect Shoe Rack For you.


Hello guys....welcome back from the weekend break...i know some of us are carrying long't worry this week will be fruitful in Jesus name. Amen.

Aii for the business of today, we talking about shoe racks..mehn everyone needs a shoe closet but they find it difficult to know how to go about creating the perfect one.. Yesterday i recieved a mail from a guy asking me to what kind of shoe rackhe can use for his shoes... i just gave him a little tip but told him to wait for the post of today to get a better understanding cos i was gonna bring it to the house.

Like i stated in my starting post, everyone wants a perfect shoe closet or shoe rack, but do not know how to go about it...Well i will try to make this post self explanatory for everyone to understand.

Most of our houses or rather most of the normal Nigerian homes do not have provisions for shoe i right or wrong? right i in this case what do you think is the solution to that problem knowing the fact that you a shoe freak or you are just starting out on the quest of gathering beautiful shoes....let's go down below and analyse.

1. You might not have the perfect shoe closet but can have the perfect shoe rack...

The picture above is a typical example of what your shoe space can look like... If you look at it closely, you'll see that her's is stucked to the wall but your's can stand alone on it's own..

All you have to do is get your carpenter to come to your room or the area in your house you wanna use to measure a given space so he can have an idea of what he wants to construct..

2. when constructing your closet, make sure to put it in a place where there will be flow of air touching the shoes..Just like the picture above which is close to a window or door..As i told my darling bmf when she asked a question,..i said shoes havei've got feelings and when you don't treat or take care of them properly, they tend to fall sick by showing signs of peeling.. when the atmospheric condition of your shoe space is damp, trust me the leather of your shoes will begin to the head and toe of what am implying is that when your carpenter is constructing and you want a line on the rack to contain atleast 6 pairs of shoes, you can tell him to make the width to contain 6 1/2 pairs of shoes...the half is just a pair out of two doing so, it will give more room or allowance for your shoes to breathe well.

3. Since you not gonna be sticking the closet to the wall, rather it will be a stand alone, you alone can determine whether you want the back of your rack closed or should decided on that first when giving your carpenter instructions on what to do. If you eventually opt for the rack with a closed back,make sure he uses a good wood and not all those kind of saw-dust wood..cos some carpenters are crazy like that..they will use good wood for the body but decided to use ply wood that brings out saw dust when insect eats into them for the back...Take note of this point..

4. Know the number of shoes you have and add to the number for future purchases before you construct.(add extra lines on the rack).

5. Make sure the surface finishing of the rack is carefully done...the height and width of the rack is your decision to make..
In addition, i always tell people, it's better to construct a rack than buy, I remember when i started accumulating shoes, i was using a shoe rack that could contain 50 shoes at once, it didn't occur to me to divide the rack into two rather i just palced it high the way it was meant to be and not how i should have made it to be..well when i got to the 10th line which is the 30th shoe line, the rack started bending to it's side...i kept readjusting but to no avail..why it was so was that, as the shoes been piled on it kept increasing, the rack decided to go under the had to tell me that i just have to divide the rack and it was better and i just had to change and got a carpenter a rack for meto construct for me...

So you might see different shoe racks around but trust me they are not suitable for those who are really into shoes but for them 5,10-20 shoe owners.
Hope this is self explanatory.. and yes this post applies to the men in the house... If you have anything to add, just tell us in the comment section...wheeeew... my head ooo..

written by glowy


naijaflo said...

K. Nice tips Glowy but my own problem now is space. I thought I will be humble enough to manage the one I made. Unfortunately I think I have used all the space left and I need to do something cos don't have where to keep the rest of the shoes. So I think before you start arranging one should think of the space. Never underestimate yourself cos with time you could have more than the space you create so I say put extra even when the shoes are not much.It's a big problem now for me . I cant break my house to extend the closet space, it doesn't make sense.

naijaflo said...

Its a good thing you did this cos most men are clueless when it comes to this.They just buy.

Anonymous said...


Alabekee said...

Thanks for the tips Glowy. Nice one

Unknown said...

Wow who own all these shoes? Nice one

Mimi12 said...

Nice tips Glo, I just learnt something good, so when I start buying those shoes I wouldn't be confused.

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Anonymous said...

welldone after i have already paid my are just doing this post*sideeye*
na me the carpenter go see tomorrow. said...

Oya sorry nau...but its not too late..after you've seen the rack,you can still make changes if you want and as for dethroning DH,you could add extra lines to contain his or better still create a slimer rack and join it to yours which could look like a two in one rack..if you need more help you ask darlin..