Friday, 9 October 2015

Blog Visitor Feature: Meet Jeffrey Godspower okeoma Ogbonna.

It's high time we featured a blog visitor and boom here is this cute one. He's been a blog visitor right from when i started blogging and all of a sudden with this i guess he is back..

GSB:1. Hello may we meet you?

Jeff: My name is Jeffrey Godspower okeoma Ogbonna

GSB: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Jeff: Am from Abia state Nigeria,Music artist,fashion guy in love with suit shoes men's accessories,self modelling if there is anything like that lol.

GSB:3. You've got a beautiful shoe style..what's the secret?

Jeff: Hmm yah I love shoes since 13 growing up I got to know that the first thing people look at wen they look at you is your shoe,so I stuck to that to always put on good shoes.

GSB 4. Glowyshoe blog is all about celebrating and showcasing beautiful shoe styles will you say you a shoe freak?

Jeff: Lol hmm yeah kind of i've always love shoes and anybody that has to do with shoes

GSB 4. How many shoes do you have in your closet right now?

Jeff: I've got 20 shoes at d moment

GSB 5. How old is the oldest shoe in your closet?

Jeff: Wow I don't really let Dem stay rather I give it out to friends but d oldest is 2 yrs.

GSB 6.What's your best designer shoe?

Jeff: Yea talking about shoe u talk designer n Quality ma best designs are bourgeois n ferragamo

GSB 7. What's the highest amount you can spend on shoe shopping?

Jeff: Lol right now can spend over 50k on shoe shopping to be sincere

GSB 9.whats your best color?

Jeff: Best color is brown n black but other a colors can be added to what fits.

GSB 10. how do you take care of your shoes?

Jeff: I've  got shoe rack got polish n right maintenance accessories, i prevent em from dirt

GSB 11. Which shoe can you never be caught wearing and which do you feel more comfortable wearing?

Jeff: Haha dis shoes I cant even like at em suppra,high teck shoes,shoes that are not fashionable.

GSB 12. Can you let your friends wear your shoe and can you wear their's too?

Jeff: Nahh I don't do that I can only give it out to Dem I don't were other people shoes em contented with mine to avoid insult n dis respect sometimes u know guys can be hmmm lemme hold it there lol

GSB 13. i hear most young men distance themselves from wearing sandals because they call it's papa's what's do you take on that?

Jeff: Hmm sandals arr not really old men's shoes there are some that are fashionable depending on how u wear them,there are out fit it goes with so I don't have problem with that.

GSB 14. On what social media platforms can people connect with you

Facebook: Jeffysongz Okeoma Ogbonna ,twitter,instagram: jefferysongz

GSB 15. What can you say about Glory and any word for the blog?

Jeff: Yeah glowy really did a good job here I love d fact that she can think about dis n get it done,about d blog it ok just an addition of men's accessories will be cool n trending event.

GSB 16. Thanks for your time.

Jeff: You welcome.. Anytime.


ChincoBee said...

Ok ok ok he try... this him middle post no be here. E be like say na timetable lol

Fine dude...I love his dress sense as well...Make sense

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

He's cute tho. But why is he always wearing glasses? I thought you'd ask him that. Oh well. . .

Nice to meet you, Jeff.

Paola Lauretano said...

Awsome!!! Great Style!!!
xo Paola
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Unknown said...

You look amazing <3

naijaflo said...

The hair is distracting me from the shoe. Nice style. Good of him.

Rosanna said...

Great look and interview!
Have a lovely weekend:)
Rosanna x

Alabekee said...

Dude looks so hot with an amazing dress style

Unknown said...

Lol hahaah @nwamaka I love glasses so much CUs it one of men's accessories in fashion its a must have 😉 lol tanks for ur comment.

Unknown said...

Nice outfits d hair is a big distraction

Anonymous said...

Soo dope...thats how we roll....

Anonymous said...

I see mi "Kanye"in "Kim s voice"

Anonymous said...

No doubt he is a fashionista. He reminds me of my colleague Simeon back then in law school