Wednesday, 16 September 2015

What sneakers is Kcee Wearing?

Kcee shared this pix on sunday showing us his sunday outfit and i honestly i love it from head to sundau...biko i hope he didn't wear that earrings to church ooo..

He wore an orange native outfit [kcee dear who is ya tailor?}and finished up a ---------------- ya'll all should finish it by telling us what he wore... i ask this questions so that ya'll can also be able to tell them designer shoes apart.

p.s: ayam still in my birthday spirit biko.some of my birthday wish is been fufilled.


ChincoBee said...

Thank God. Meaning our prayers are being answered. More giveaway to come ehehehehehe

His shoe? Pam Sandal hehehhehehehe

Alabekee said...

I agree with Chinco bee, it's a pam sandal

Anonymous said...

zinotti guisepperey pam sandal from baba sade cobbler shoe

naijaflo said...

ROFL@he wore an orange native who is your tailor.Lol. I really don't like the sandals. Its too dramatic for a man.