Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Question and Answer Time.

Hiya my lovelies...hope these week is moving on great for us? .. sideeyes at chinco bee, bmf..lol

Aii you guys know how we do it nau...once every month, i give room for us to have an interactive section.. so here it is.......

All you have do is to ask me your questions and i will answer them...ya'll know watsup nau, no personal question..cos i no go answer am..expect someone can stand up and answer it for me..loool

The floor is open..keep 'em questions rolling in.


Unknown said...

Kk will be back with my questionnaire. Lol


Unknown said...

What is ur full name??
Which state are you from??
Your location now??
Tell mme more about yourself

Alabekee said...

My question for today is very simple...How many pair of shoes did Glowy get for herself in this month of September?

www.glowyshoes.com said...

@Gloria: i will be waiting...lol.

@ѕαу му ηαмє ŔøŚЄPøŴЄŁŁ: dearie i don't do personal questions, but hmmmmmm..aii. am from the south, east and north..go figure lol. my location is Kano state.

@Alabekee: my beekee darling you don't wanna know...lol..that will be a post for tomoro i guess..

Unknown said...

What is your ideal age of marriage for a lady?

Anonymous said...

Please my shoes are gathering dust oo,how will I clean my shoe every month apart from the regular cleaning.
Abeg how can we know original knock off, cos I no trust my "yibo boys *
My shoe rack is filled with shoes, no space again in fact my boos shoes are suffering, lolz can you do a post on the different shoe closet we have so I can get inspiration from it.
Is vincci a designer?or just a regular shoe maker 😀😂😂

Ohk, I Yaffe tried


www.glowyshoes.com said...

@Ugo Egwumba: should there be an ideal age for a woman to get married? what of the ideal age for men? the marriage pressure on women is too much and it really needs to be toned down..the only thing one will consider is childbearing period if not whenever one feels he/she is ready and not because of the pressure mounted on you.

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Hehehehe... First of all lemme cum and do shopping in your place nau.. Lol... Lemme tell you what i do with my shoes.. I try as much as possible during my free times to dust my shoes even if not all atleast i du it pendn when am ready for them to be washed.. As for the closet post will do that tomoro..
Vincci is a malaysian brand which are less expensive... Its just like zara shoes..

ChincoBee said...

Biko me wanna see your shoe collection...

www.glowyshoes.com said...

My boo its just a matter of time i shall do a post on that