Saturday, 12 September 2015

Just For Laughs...Happy Weekend.

is anyone having this problem in the house? ya'll should holla at your at your service.
Hiya guys.....i guess most of us are already lost in the funfair of the weekend little quotes is just to lighten your day..which best describes you..

14th sept loading

my BFF always use this to yab me whenever i say i don't have cloth or shoe to'll say of cos you will never have..women never have clothes or shoes....i miss that nigga
this is so me..cos i keep dreaming about that shoe even at night. long cut.

this simply means there is a ghost sending in money into the


ChincoBee said...

The last one is soooooo me. Even in newspaper I see somethings and wish I could just grab it. I will be like "some1 would have picked it before me if it were possible sef"

The quotes are so funny but true

Favourmoyse Blog said...

the last meme is so me

this is Lagos; shine your eyes

Alabekee said...

The last meme is talking to me directly. lolz

Uthman Saheed said...

You guys should continue to like...your wishes shall come true one day. But with a magic

Unknown said...

The 2nd to the last for! It simply means bend-down-select has become a saviour of my bank account (na play o...)

Anonymous said...

The number 5 is so me and the last one.