Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Happy New Month.My Birthday Month.

Hiya Guys....wheew finally august is gone and boom September here we are.. we just four months away to the end of the year.

I really have nothing much to say but i just want each and everyone of us is use this opportunity to thank God for keeping us alive to see another new month..honestly so much has happened whether good or bad but in all we come out stronger.

I pray that this month will usher in more blessings for us in Jesus Name.

P.S: this is my birthday month...i yam feeling elated dunno ooo...i haf started collecting gifts oooo....Bola boo, Bekee darling,amaka sweetim(your case is for another day), Glo glo bebe, Favour dear,uthman darling, Caty woman,naijaflo, pheezy darling, etc., the list is plenty all of you know yourselves...,... and my peeps outside my blog fam, monitoring spirits...better make use of your monitoring ooo this is the right time cos my list is coming out soon...by tomoro i shuld be putting up a post on my birthday wishlist..


Anonymous said...

yeye girl.please dont put shoes in your wish list oooo


Unknown said...

Amen! Thanks for the positive vibes hun :)


Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Happy new month, sweetheart. What date is your birthday?

What else would you want than shoes? Lol. We await your wishlist for our reading pleasure. :D

Unknown said...

Happy new month darling.. and happy birthday in advance.. I know there will be lots of freebies..


naijaflo said...

ROFL....Happy new month dear.ThankGod for life. You're as sweet in real as your writeups.I was thinking differently about your birthday. Why not sow seeds with some of these beautiful shoes. You will reap bountifully. #face covered. xoxo

www.glowyshoes.com said...

See me see bola oo.. Why wont i put shoe? B dere and be looking.. Lol

www.glowyshoes.com said...

You very wlcome darln

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Hehehe..its sept 14...haba amy there r ida things i want other than shoes joo..just relax and see

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Thanks my ever smiling glo glo..if you will be part of the sponsors for the freebies then yes there will be freebies...hehehehehe

www.glowyshoes.com said...

Aww thanks hun... Ermmm ibshuld sow seed to who? Chai naijflo oooo... Am still managing the small i have ooo..you must to mail my birthday shoe oooo..am not joking..

ChincoBee said...

Your list wan pass


I have good news oooo Glowy! I bought two flat shoes lastweek ahahahahahhahahaha...I try nah

Happy birthday in advance. Thatz two cakes this month (all the GLOs)

Happy New Month to you too

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

Happy new month dearie...lemme just chill and wait for your wishlist **clears throat**

Uthman Saheed said...

Wow! We are birthday mates....let me keep smilling.

Witnessing a new day is nice, living up to see another new week is wonderful, seeing a new month is awesome and witnessing another birthday is a blessing.

Glory, that's why you need to throw up a party for all in the house to celebrate. Happy new month and happy birthday in advance.

Uthman Saheed said...

Wow! Its wonderful to know that you and I are birthday mates. its a blessing witnessing another new month, especially when is your month of birth. Congratulations in advance and I can't wait to receive your invitation for the party.

Uthman Saheed said...

Happy new month to everyone...and special warm greeting to Glory. Congratulations in advance on your birthday. It is wonderful to know that we are both birthday mates.

I pray we will witness more of it in good health and wealth. Just invite us to come and rock the show for youuuu.

Alabekee said...

Glowy dear, I will be on the look out for the list, but be rest assured that you must give out shoes on your birthday, and I must be one of the beneficiaries. lolz. Happy new month sweetie, and happy birthday in advance. Much love!!!

Unknown said...

As long as cake is involved... I can't wait.

Happy Birthday in advance dear.

Unknown said...

Hahaha...so everybody Don know you @glowy?

Happy new month

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