Monday, 7 September 2015

Fake Valentino Shoes At Alert..

Do you guys remember the post i did saying our lovely bmf who was selling some valentino shoes on discounts...looool..if you missed it, you can check it out here.. here.

Well i expected you guys to code immediately but u fortunately you didn't...*sadface* the thing is that bmf tagged me on IG,making me see a so called designer shoe that is usually sold for hundreds of dollars and its been sold by someone for ₦5, wtf?...

How do sellers feel carrying all this fake shoes around to sell and the naive unsuspecting buyers how do they feel when someone points it out to them they are wearing fake?

i will not be having a problem with these shoes if they were from another brand name even if it's having the same designs...that is better than wearing the fake of a designer brand name.geez..if you so desperate to follow the trend, go for other brands such as Zara, River Island,Asos,Steve madden,Choies etc..these are brand that make great designer knockoffs for less and you'll still feel fashionable..

I for one would never give out my blog platform for sellers to advertise shoes like this cos you'll make the strong brand i am trying to build look like a joke all because of money.... No one should come and give me the talk of that's their source of lively hood cos am not gonna accept that..what if you eventually caught by such brands, and these one's that bloggers are just getting arrested up and down? will you still have the mouth to defend yourself? don't try to bring people down by dubbing their products and still naming it after the's better to copy and rename.....This fake designer issue just died down with Tonto Dikeh and we all saw the way she reacted to the story cos she was ashamed to ne associated with buying fake designers.

i think we should start a movement on...y'all can tag me on ig whenever you see sight 'em fake designer shoes at such prices..



Alabekee Ola said...

Some people can be annoying, that's how they go about spoiling other people's businesses with fakes everywhere. mtcheeeeeew

Nma Ojike said...

Hmmmm...if they are buying the knockoffs at the price of the real deal, that's when I think it's a problem!

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naijaflo said...

Rofl. I was wondering. Almost fell for it but I changed my mind later on after i sent a message. So i didn't bother with a follow up cos I just wasn't comfortable with the price. Lol. My dear some people don't mind.

favour moyse said...

ok o

Chinco bee said...

Lolz if it's extremely cheap and you still buy it then don't complain that it's fake...Some don't know though

Biko no be only people wey get money go wear am nah, those that can't afford original as well will wanna rock something similar so let them enjoy it while it lasts

bolatito fashina said...

Hahahahahahah, na so my sister. I prefer to go for brand that is not popular. Rather than buying fake, until when I start making real cash, then I will go for expensive shoes