Monday, 21 September 2015

Answer to Shoe Giveaway.

This is the answer to the giveaway of last week..check here.

1. when did i start blogging?

ans: i started blogging on the 26th of December 2013

2. what is my 50th post?

ans: my 50th post is shoe here to see

3. mention 5 male and 5 female luxury designers.


Male Shoe designers:

1.christain louboutin

2. Manolo blahnik

3. Stuart Weitzman

4. Giuseppe Zanotti

5. Jimmy choo

female shoe designers:

1. Lauren Jones

2. Sophia Webster

3. Charlotte Olympia

4. Pura Lopez

5. Stella McCartney.

4. Mention 5 popular knock off brands


1. Zara

2. Choies


4. Asos

5. new look

question 5&6 is very easy..

 So The winner is: ѕαу му ηαмє ŔøŚЄPøŴЄŁŁ..sweedy send a mail to

wait lemme give a breakdown... those that attempted to answer the question, did not get all...but i choose the closets to the answer.....


Unknown said...

Isalrit congrats to the winner..

Unknown said...

Yayyyyyy I won..I won ..I won..thank you send very sending you a mail now

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

COngrats ѕαу му ηαмє ŔøŚЄPøŴЄŁŁ

Unknown said...

Pls I just send u a mail

Unknown said...

And to think I just discovered dis blog I hope to win one of your giveaway soon

Unknown said...

Please check your mail

Alabekee said...

Congrats to the winner

Anonymous said...

My friend didnot win. .hian


ChincoBee said...

Couldn't comment again since yesterday

Chinco is still a learner ooo.

Congrats RosePowell.... Thanks Glowyyy

Biko these ya answers nawah.

I have resumed work back so my appearances will be early morning at worse. Enjoy ya day sweerie