Thursday, 20 August 2015

Oh my: Check out these cute American Eagle Flats i Found on Konga.

I am drooling over this flats that my body is practically shaking....mehnnn this flats are cute and you guys know that i recently talked about having bright colored shoes in your collection...well if you missed it, you can check it out here... i was just lying down yesterday surfing through the net for flat shoes i could get cos it's been a while i got some shoes cos i've got some crios load on my hands and i wanted to do things according to priority...*yimu*......what have been restraining me is that ..."mehnnn Glory there are more important things to face than shoes,shoes will come latter....arrrggggh....wats more important than buying shoes...*squeezingMyface*

back to my gist jawe.....ehnn as i was surfing the net yesterday, that is how i come and see some beautiful ballerina shoes cos I've been on the hunt for them....haa...i sharpaly started going through them and was like oh boy this shoes cannot come and go and pass me by i must to gerrit...abeg imporrant things lurking around should take a chill pill first...but you know glowyshoe is not that stingy nau..i then com and say lemme share it with my cute Bvs...

1. American Eagle Women's Lace Fauna Ballet Flat-pink. ₦6,900. Purchase it Here.

 2. American Eagle Women's Flora Flat-blue and white stripe: ₦6,700 Purchase it Here.
 3. American Eagle Women's Flora Flat - Navy & White. ₦6,699. Purchase it Here.
 4. American Eagle Women's Flora Flat - Blush: ₦5,699. Purchase Here
 5. American Eagle Women Flora Flat - Turquoise. ₦5,699. Purchase it Here
 6. American Eagle Women's Flora Flat- pink: ₦4,000. Purchase it Here
Hurry before it finishes guys...moreso for those of us admiring lacy shoes from afar off...biko draw near and purchase will look me..


Unknown said...

This glowy ehen.. Me i don't like flats jare..

Alabekee said...

Glowy dear, I'm still waiting to know that thing that's more important to you than buying shoes. lolz

Anonymous said...

They all have the same design but different colours. I bought one Ballerina shoe last week,it's nude. It's fine and comfy

Amaka Hundeyin said...

Maybe I'll add it to my next budget but for August?? Nah

naijaflo said...

Eye no dey reject. They're too flat for me to wear sometimes but have them and these are very nice. Lovely