Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lacy Shoes are back..

This is a Tory Burch black chelsea satin and lace ballet flats. It features a lacy upper, low cut vamp,knotted bow and a rubber sole. this flats are just like our regular ballerina flats but the difference is the material used which is lace..

Lace material comes in different styles and textures. I've always loved lacy shoes for a while back because of it's cuteness and unique elegance.

I remember when i traveled for a holiday and i got a vincci lacy ballerina flat shoe in baby pink and oh my that shoe was cute for days but it didn't last for long because a friend of mine nabbed it...chai it really pained me oooo cos that was the only lacy shoe i had.

Lacy shoes can go with anything especially if its not too dramatic or busy in terms of the embellishments.

But i am thinking on buying either one or two pairs of lacy shoes this week and hope you guys will join in availing yourself to a pair.

Check out another types  below
Twinkle Toes Ballet Flats .. vintage lace and Swarovski crystals
Elie Tahari Lace Ballet
Chantilly Lace Ballet Flats; Aruna Seth

Rosamosario Black Lace Ballet Flats


Dressed With Soul said...

Lace belongs for me definitely to fall and winter and how wonderful that lace are back :) Thanks for the picks!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Alabekee said...

Glowy I'm not availing myself ooo. I'm not a lover of Lacy shoes even though they're good-looking

Unknown said...

Lovely but not durable.

ChincoBee said...

They are lovely but na inside my compound I fit wear am cos my area is a no go area for lacy shoes

naijaflo said...

I like them but they are too fragile for me prefer the leather ones.

Wilkirain said...

Hi, i am Maira Wilkirain. Love walkin in water (rain, see etc.) with high heels on, gets them well soaked.
Do You? If do- send me some Yours wet heels photo pics to me :) Its' simple - 1)walk heeled in water; 2)take photo shots from this event;
3) let me know - or send pictures to email adress: