Saturday, 8 August 2015

Did you buy any shoe this week 4?

Hiya my Darlings...hows the crossover into the weekend? lol..i know of people who started planning their weekend right from Monday...hehehehe..i think tose one are just being lazy jooor... anywaiz have fun this weekend but always be watchful and careful..Nnugo?

Aii for today we gonna gist ourselves.....lets dig in to the talk you guys know how we do it, we gonna tell ourselves if you got any shoe these previous week and tell us how you feel about them..Before we continue, Check out the previous post using the link below:

Did you buy any shoe this week3

For me i didn't get or rather i didn't buy any shoe these previous weeks but i got some very cute shoes from my friend which i never cease to admire every morning when i walk past my shoe will not understand...but hopefully i will restart my addiction this coming week cos mehnn i did see some very nice shoes this week but i had to go with someone to prevent my purse from leaking....chai..

So over to you guys? did you buy any shoe last week or this week?


Anonymous said...

I refused to buy shoe. My deposit is still with the shoe seller. Instead I bought dresses and bag.

Alabekee said...

No, I didn't

Fashionably Idu said...

Did I buy any shoes this week? Hmm, let me think hahahaa. Everyday is a weekend for me for another two weeks until I go back to work, :(. I will miss sleeping in for sure.

Uzo O said...

Hahahaha.... We all need that one friend to stop us from emptying our atm cards in the shoe mall. Well I did pick up a pair of wedges last week ,i'm all about wedges this summer but i'm yet to style this particular one. Great post and lovely blog.

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

yeah, got a blue gladiator sandal.