Monday, 31 August 2015

Blog Visitor Feature: Meet Khaled Kassem.

G.S.B: Hello may we meet you?

B.V: My Name is Khaled kazzem

G.S.B: You've got a beautiful shoe style..what's the secret?

B.V: Well I love Beautiful shoes,when a shoe is nice,it's fits everyone

G.S.B: So would you call yourself a shoe freak?

B.V: Well I love shoes but I won't say I'm a shoe freak

G.S.B:How man shoes do you have at the moment

B.V: 11 Shoes

G.S.B: Are you a sneakers persons or you wear all types of shoes?

B.V: I wear all type of shoes depends on my outfit

G.S.B: How often do you buy shoes?

B.V: Well can't say how often I buy shoes,if I see any shoe I like I make sure I get it

G.S.B: What is your best color

B.V: I don't have a best color I just love flashy colors

G.S.B: Are you on twitter,instagram

B.V: Yeah I'm on Instagram and Twitter as White9ijaboy

G.S.B: What can you say about Glory and any word for the blog?

B.V: What can I say about glory ......Glory is a cool and calm person,nice person,and Enjoy the company while talking to her and she's doing a great job, keep it up.

G.S.B: Thanks for your time

B.V: You welcome.

update: He is single

P.S: If you've got beautiful shoe styles and would want to share with the blog, don't hesitate to contact me.


Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

*eyes popping* Sweetie, do you have his phone number?

naijaflo said...

Nice collection but don't like bright colours for guys.

Unknown said...

Nice one Glowy... Thumbs up said...

Hehehehe.. Amaka oooo... Rotlf... Lemme

Favourmoyse Blog said...

na real white naija boi.... shebi him don show us the 11 shoes finish.... AMAKAMEDIA!!!! daughter of the most high God.... issokay


Uthman Saheed said...

Yea! He is a good looking guy...he looks nicebin almost all his pictures. Nice one Glory.

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

Did i notice his shoes?? dude is fine abeg.

Unknown said...

I love the red sneakers....I want those!
Nma's Blog 

Anonymous said...

This one na Oyinbo pepper ooo.
But I don't really like yellow guys sha. You have 11 shoes? Oga you should buy more.
Anyways you look good, it's just that am married, I for stalk you

Alabekee said...

The guy is a handsome dude no wonder Amy is asking for his contact. lolz

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Lol. My sister in the Lord, I was only asking. *innocent face*

Unknown said...

Tenk you my people for all the beautiful comments;and thanks to my lovely friend glory

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nie feature. His style is quite cool. Im sure more formal attire with good leather shoes like Church's would suit him also.

Cant wait to see whos next !

ChincoBee said...

Who say make you like am before? Leave my bobo for me oooo

Glowy shey na all the 11 shoes you don show us so? Na real naija whiteboy!!!!

Please feature Madam BMF soon cos she don enter the shoe freak lane!!!!