Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Signs To know A shoe Addict.....

To be a shoe addict like i say ain't no crime at all,as far you don't steal any shoe ooo*lol*...but don't do it too much.....me that is even preaching sef my shoe addiction is far from normal sef*eyeswideopened*...lol...i can't help it..

Am going to list out the signs that will help us know a shoe addict.

1. When you like a page crazy about shoes on social media because you got to quench your shoe addiction everyday.

2. You don't think about the price of the shoe because you just want to get it.

3. Every time you tell people you are broke that month,you still end up coming home with a pair of shoes.........ooops

4. You stare at a picture of shoes for hours because they are so incredibly HOT.

5. When you have a certain type of shoe in all the colors available and you still want more.

6. You have turned your room into a walk in closet and your closet into your room.....it's all about shoes.

7. You need a ladder to reach out for all your shoes....you get the idea after looking at christina Aguilera's shoe closet(check older post).

8. First blink -walking past a shoe store and telling yourself you won't go in......second blink-you have a slip in your hand and the infamous shoe bag in the other. *sigh*....tempted by the smell of shoes.

9. You sleep at night and dream of a pair of cobalt blue shoes from christian Louboutin.

10. When you buy shoes to suit your mood or as a stress reliever.

11. Have so many pairs that some you don't even remember because the closet is too full.

12. Buy shoes you don't need at the moment and only get to wear them several months later because you're still wearing others you bought before those# its hard to see them and just leave them there.

13. Instead of buying groceries,you buy shoes and waste your uni book funds or money for upkeep on more shoes....*hidesface*.

14. You go over to your boyfriend's house and realize that you have 20 pairs of shoes in his shoe closet. 10 more than him (and it's his own house) when b/f's home becomes convenient shoe cabinet for more shoes.

15. When you see a nice pair of shoes and keep having dreams about it untill you buy it.

16. When you buy more than 2 shoes in a week and still don't feel guilty about it.

17. No matter how much it pinches,you'd still wear that shoe.......ouch.

18. The only thing you eyes can see at the mall is shoes..

19. When you have more shoes than clothes.

20. When i go shopping to buy something then end up not buying that particular item and instead come back with 2 pairs of shoe.


Unknown said...

Going by your list, I am no where close to being a shoe lover, not to talk of being an addict.

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naijaflo said...

Thought I was but going by this list don't think I am.Love them but not addicted.

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Sweet Glo, I am so not a shoe addict. m Thanks for letting me know myself better. Lol.

Unknown said...

Going by this list, I am still a learner but I think I'm an addict but I think before I shop...so what does that make me?


Rafaela said...

Very fun post dear!!

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CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

Glowy, I am still a learner for your side mehn

Alabekee said...

Lol. Glowy you will not kill me with laughter. After going through this list, I discovered that I am not a shoe addict at all at all.Thanks for the info though

Mimi12 said...

No way for me, am not close being a shoe addict. This tip helped oooo. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Lemme analyse the one I can remember
No1 : your blog is a 1st stop before going to other blogs because I wanna feed my eye
No2 : i shall get there in Jesus name
I am so No 15. I pray they won't buy that shoe when I get there on Friday, Amen.
Aiming at no 19
Eeerm I can't remember again jawe
my friend entered my room today she said wow, you dey sell shoe? I say I never start. Kikikikikikik


Unknown said...

Not a shoe addict

Carina Kikelomo Jacob said...

Not a shoe addict. I prefer bags. Nice post.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am shoe addict.