Saturday, 25 July 2015

Question Of The Day?

Hey guys the long awaited weekend is finally here...for me, i am more than happy.....but don't worry i won't tell you guys why.....maybe till next

So for today's question,......ya'll better answer and say the truth cos we all guilty of it at one time in our lives..

(1).Have you ever borrowed you friends shoes to wear, as per borrow pose?or (1b). have you borrowed out your shoes before?(everyone will say they've borrowed out their

(2). if you have ever borrowed from someone, how do you feel? and (2b). if you have ever lend out, how do you feel?

 your time starts now........
Happy Weekend.


Unknown said...

1. No i haven't and i don't like it either, besides my shoe size is small, not really common, compared to my friends.
But then when my palm slippers had a cut in school, i had to borrow theirs to get mine fixed.

1b. No i haven't, since they can't use size 38. But palm slippers, i have.

2. In terms of palms now, i feel uncomfortable, like really that's not yours. Just get it fixed and return sharp sharp. Besides, it looks like my Mother dash-me kind-of. Lol!

2b. Good... at least i was able to give someone that appreciates it better than i do.

Sorry, i get to answer all questions. Lol!

Rafaela said...

ahahah no I never did that!!

Anonymous said...

I borrowed one of my friends stilettos one time, and then I didn't know how to walk on heels. I embarrassed myself Choi .
There is this my friend despite the fact she has nice collection, it's my shoes bags she wil like to rock. It was always annoying. Lolz

Unknown said...

borrowing is something i hate with passion...i am so stingy with my items dat i make sure i have all i need in oda not to borrow... dnt feel confy avin smone in my wears....

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Alabekee said...

I used to borrow-pose very well back in the single days. Now, levels have more borrowing