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Hey guys

From now onward am going to be talking extensively on each pick of the day shoe i post,giving insights as to whether its suitable for your feet type,how to rock and most especially how to care for them.

Thong sandals are the staple items that are here to stay,it a'int going nowhere.

Now here i start......if you guys have been following my posts,in the early stage of my blogging,i admitted to the fact that i don't wear all kinds of shoes e.g sandals..just because i love shoes, I make sure i am comfortable with whatever i wear. Before i wear any shoe,i always consider the fittings first before anything...simply put..."will the shoe fit my feet"?..

The thong sandals are just like our normal flip flops or bathroom slippers but the difference is just the strap that goes round the ankle which you can either tie round,buckle up or pin in. Not all sandals are meant for all kinds of feet......Ladies am gonna say it straight up,if you've got a big feet my dears single strapped thong is so not for can imagine wearing a sandals that your whole feet will cover and still be touching the floor..its crazy cos it's not can't be walking on the road and still feel the sides of your feet touching the ground.. Sandals are meant for comfortable and are also safe haven when you trying to ditch the heels for a while therefore it shouldn't be turned into a fashion faux.

Thongs are fashionable piece of items which can be paired with any outfit of your choice if styled well..e.g *gowns(mini,midi or maxi), shorts,trousers,leggings,skirts(flared,pleated.straight).

We all have different size of feet therefore not everything that fits Mr A will fit Mr B...i would prefer for those with bigger feet,go for more strappy detailed sandals which will give the illusion of a slimmer feet..

Am sorry for giving you guys this long sermon,all i wanna do is to share my own little knowledge about the rules of shoes so we could have happy feet breathing around.

Advantages of the thong sandals.

*you can achieve both a casual and dressy look with thong sandals.

*they are recess shoes for heely shoes

*you can wear them anywhere and at anytime

Disadvantages of the thong sandals.

*Thong-style sandals may look cute and beautiful but that strap between your toes could be a very big source of discomfort which include agonizing blisters if you're not careful. Blisters tend to pop up because of the friction between the strap and your unprotected skin. all you have to do is to guard your soles against this irritation, and you'll stay blister-free all season long.

*Another disadvantage of the thong is having to deal with your feet slide from side to side. There is nothing worse than having to be conscious of your stepping cos your feet is half in and half out of the sandals.


*Thongs comes in different material therefore to avoid your feet slipping out or the sandals causing blisters in-between your toes, i strongly recommend you go for cloth material that go between the toes, rather than leather or plastic or rubber.

*Apply an anti-blister gel to your feet before putting on the sandals. The gel reduces rubbing and chafing, so blisters are much less likely to develop. Wear the gel between your toes or on any other blister-prone area.

*Coat the sandal strap and other irritating parts with an anti-friction solution. The solution forms a protective barrier between skin and the sandal. Petroleum jelly also works to delay irritation, but it's not effective as a long-term solution.

How to care for them

Caring for them is very simple..all you have to do is either you gently wash and dry or simple use a dry cloth and wipe the surface.

NB: *When wearing any kind of sandals,make sure your feet are clean and well scrubbed..there should not be harmattan signals and directions underneath your feet simply put..there should be no tear tear or cut cut underneath your feet...its a very big eye sore..

*Make sure your toes are well groomed
I hope you guys enjoyed this piece..more details of other shoe type will be coming each day..
have a great day. its one of my favourite throwback post from here

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Unknown said...

Its not for me, but it looks nice

Paola Lauretano said...

So useful post!
Have a lovely day Princess!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

Great analysis Glo. I have two of this.

Unknown said...

Tear tear or cut cut lolz glowy you won't kill somebody with laughter.
Nice write up dear.

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Lol. I've got a big feet. Thong sandals are definitely not for me. I like them tho.

Unknown said...

I have one on right now. I absolutely love this sandal. I've had it for almost two years and I've not had to repair it once and it's still as good as new.

Blogoratti said...

Oh that's what they are called. Well we learn something new daily. How are you? Best wishes!

Alabekee said...

Aww! Glowy is almost making me to fall in love with flats. This is just too beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love this sandal, it's beautiful. I think I have something similar but it's white

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naijaflo said...

Nice pick.You have good taste.

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so pretty